Automated billing and indexing.

OWNER Finances


Always insight and full control over the financial status of your real estate.

Automatic invoicing.

Automatisch indexing.

Compare to previous period(s).

Exchange with your accounting package.

Invoice reminders

OWNER Finances
OWNER Finances filter


Looking for all invoices from a certain debtor? No problem. With one click you'll have all the right results.

Invoices automatically linked to your real estate and tenant(s).

OWNER automatically reminds you when invoices are (un)paid.

Filter on debtor, real estate, owner etc.

OWNER Finances filter


Invoices are automatically processed in your accounting package so that all your payment information is always up to date.

2-way synchronisation.

Exchange automatically to G/L account.

Connect multiple administrations.

Real-time payment information.

Cost centers or cost units.

Deferred sales.

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