The company

Property management software, but without a course.

OWNER has a fresh look and feel and is fully, intuitively and user-friendly, so you can work with it in a simple way; no matter how large your real estate portfolio is.

OWNER originated from practical needs. There are numerous property management software suppliers out there, but none is focused on the actual owner of the property.

We arose from practical questions and were able to solve them by combining real estate and IT professionals.

With that particular combination; we are convinced that we have created software that is fun to work with, but also is complete for real estate owners.

Because of the way OWNER is built, the software is designed for scalability that makes every portfolio, no matter the size, workable and clear.

By making a real estate portfolio modular and filterable, we provide a flexible way of managing it and therefore easy.

Our way of thinking

The most user-friendly property management software for owners.

OWNER is a combination between people with years of real estate and IT knowledge. As a result, we know better than anyone what bottlenecks are in the management of real estate portfolios and we have been able to convert this into a single solution; OWNER.

The solution is basically quite simple: a real estate owner should be focused on his or her portfolio. All other things that move around it should go as smoothly as possible.

And that's precisely our way of thinking; make everything that a real estate owner has to deal with easy and clear.

We do this in a unique way; when a real estate portfolio is implemented in OWNER, OWNER will help you in the background by suggestively connecting things.

That way you have always insight into, for example, which lease belongs to which tenant, because this automatically ends up with your tenant.

Because of those small but important handy functionalities, we can make a real estate portfolio as large as you can imagine completely flexible and transparent without having any understanding of software.

Our goal is; to manage and control your real estate in a fun, easy and efficient way.

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